Weather Services

We have a comprehensive and authorative range of products and services all designed to ensure your business performs more efficiently.

These include:

  • General monthly summaries
  • Accurate weather information for claims resolution
  • Detailed weather data from various localities in Malta and Gozo
  • Data for renewable wind and solar energy services
  • Weather Warning and Hazards services (both civil and marine)

Our database is based on more than 5 million readings per year, each made up of several weather parameters. Mainly updated every minute, and every day of the year, our system provides a unique level of accuracy and information in its reporting.

Join our list of satisfied customers and start receiving weather data on a monthly or yearly contract basis.


Get Your Daily Forecast or 3 Day Marine Forecast

5230 2021 Call charge of €1.00 (incl. vat)

Get Your Daily Forecast or 3 Day Marine Forecast

(Daily weather forecasts and pilot briefings only)

5250 2002 Call charge of €5.00 (incl. vat)

or if you are a Vodafone client you can call

99638 Call charge of €2.45 incl. vat (+0.14/10secs)

If you have a more specific request (such as past weather data) or for pricing information please contact Malta Airport MetOffice by email