Persons with Reduced Mobility

If you or someone you are travelling with requires any special assistance during their time at the airport, we have trained staff on call to make your arrival or departure from Malta as seamless and comfortable as possible. You can book our Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) services through your airline carrier.


In order to help the airport deliver a better and more efficient service, we strongly recommend that you book at least 48 hours before departure.

PRM Service Call Points at the Air Terminal

The following Service Call Points at the airport may be used in order to trigger a PRM service:

Airport Departures

  • Service Call Point near transport drop-off area outside Check-in.
  • Service Call Point at the entrance to Air terminal from the main car park.
  • Customer Services Information Centre at the Check-in Area
  • Check-in counter/s
  • Customer Services Information Centre at the Departures Area

Airport Arrivals

Service Call Point upon entering the Air Terminal from aircraft (both Schengen and Non-Schengen Areas)

Walking Distances at Malta International Airport’s Air Terminal

Distances for the various point-to-point transfers at the air terminal are as follows:

From To Walking Distance
Arrivals Entrance Baggage Reclaim Area 250m
Baggage Reclaim Area Coaches Park 230m
Baggage Reclaim Area Taxi stands 90m
Baggage Reclaim Area Car hire park 416m
Pax drop-off point (Check-in) Check-in counters 87m
Check-in counters Security Area 120m
Check-in counters Departure Gates 300m

Service Restrictions

Due to operational constraints, some restrictions apply to Malta International Airport’s PRM service.  Kindly familiarise yourself with these below.


Prior to Check-in:

Passengers requiring PRM assistance must be at the check-in desk according to the time stipulated by their air carrier or tour operator.  If no specifications were made in advance, passengers need to present themselves by no later than an hour before the published departure time of their flight.

At Service Call Points:

Passengers accessing PRM service via the Service Call Points (see above) must arrive on time as instructed.  If you didn’t receive prior arrangements, arrive no later than two hours before the published departure schedule.

At Departure Gates:

PRM service requests from gates which are not booked or advised beforehand will be accepted if the service is requested at least 45 minutes before your flight’s Scheduled Departure Time.  The service may also be requested at the Customer Services Information Centre (near Gate 6) before proceeding to the Gate.

Other Facilities available at Malta International Airport:

  • Priority Seating at all areas inside the air terminal
  • PRM Waiting Area opposite Departure Gate 10
  • Low telephone units in all areas of the air terminal
  • Lifts and escalators to reach all floors of the air terminal
  • Dedicated washrooms in all areas of the air terminal
  • Dedicated car park spaces in the Main Car Park.

Service Providers

Air Malta plc

Tel: +356 2299 9911
Contact person: 24/7 on-duty supervisor


Tel:  +356 2369 6554


If you’re not sure which one of these providers represents the airline you’re travelling with, you may check here.

Quality Standards and Levels of Service


Malta International Airport recognises that persons with reduced mobility (PRM) have the same rights to free movement and choice like other citizens.  To this effect, the Airport is committed to a high quality of service and assistance to Passengers with Reduced Mobility.  Airport protocol ensures that all rights are respected as stipulated by the European Commission (EC), the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).
The Airport fully adheres to international provisions as stipulated in the EC Regulation 1107/2006, the ICAO Annex 9, Chapter 9 document as well as the ECAC Document 30, Part 1.


A person with reduced mobility (PRM) is understood to mean any individual whose mobility is reduced due to physical incapacity (sensory or locomotory), intellectual deficiency, age, illness, or any other cause of disability.

Key Strategies

Malta International Airport commits itself to providing excellent service in a professional, transparent, and non-discriminatory manner.  These standards will be monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are in conformity with EU Regulations.
Malta International Airport shall ensure that high levels of customer service are reached by providing seamless service without compromising in any way the safety of the PRM.

Service Providers

Malta International Airport has contracted two ground-handling entities to provide PRM service: Air Malta plc and Aviaserve.

Provision of Service

Malta International Airport’s assistance and service to the PRM shall be provided free of charge during operating hours (within reasonable time limits) as long as these do not affect general operational requirements of the airport.
In this regard, such service will be provided only if the PRM requests it within the following timeframes:
Before check-in—no later than one hour from the scheduled time of departure.
At the Departure Gate—no later than 45 minutes from the scheduled departure time.

Facilities to Pre-Book the Service

Bookings are to be made at least 48 hours in advance through the airline/s, or the travel intermediary through whom the air ticket has been purchased.  Bookings may be confirmed by contacting Malta International Airport on telephone on +356 2369 6333 or by sending an e-mail.

Call Points for Triggering PRM Service

Malta International Airport’s PRM service must be triggered through the following Call Points:


  • Near entrance to the Check-in Area
  • Near entrance to air terminal from car park
  • At the Customer Services Information Centre inside the Check-in Area (service to be registered before check-in)
  • At the Information Booth inside the Departures Area


  • Upon entering the Arrivals Area

Services Provided

Malta International Airport is committed to providing the following services for the PRM:

  • Assistance from a customer’s arrival at the airport to check-in;
  • Assistance with registration at check-in and with security processes;
  • Assistance in proceeding to the gate at the correct time for pre-boarding;
  • Assistance in boarding and disembarking, including the provision of a suitable service for passengers who require special access to/from the aircraft (in accordance with local or national regulatory requirements);
  • Assistance in the retrieval of baggage, and with immigration and customs processes;
  • Assistance from/to connecting flights both for landside and airside;
  • Assistance up to the first point of onward travel (including land transport);
  • Enabling the customer to use the airport facilities as requested (subject to sufficient time being available);
  • Adequate assistance in case of (long) delays and/or cancellation of flights (covering the momentary needs of the PRM).