Students and Fresh Graduates

Are you still a student or fresh out of tertiary education? We know that you too have great potential to contribute to our team’s mission, whilst learning along the way.

On-the-job Experiences

Every year, we give a number of students the opportunity to carry out job shadowing exercises, placements, and internships at Malta International Airport. If learning in a fast-paced airport environment is something you are keen on, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Interested in an internship? Get in touch with us here.
  • Interested in a job shadowing / placement opportunity? Get in touch with us here.

The Graduate Management Programme

Recently, we launched our Graduate Management Programme to help young people just out of university make the leap from theory to practice. Tailored to the unique needs of fresh graduates, the programme offers a number of attractive benefits such as mentorship and the possibility to pursue a career at Malta International Airport upon successful completion of the programme.

Here’s what one of our employees, who was welcomed on board through this programme had to say about her experience:

“When I was chosen for the Graduate Management Programme I was new to the aviation industry, meaning that the learning curve was steep, but ultimately very rewarding. Working within the Traffic Development Department involves attracting new airlines, establishing new routes, and developing existing ones. This gives me the opportunity to engage with many individuals from the aviation industry, something which is exciting and interesting as I learn something from every person I meet. I am proud to be part of the passionate, hard-working team of professionals here at MIA and I have the Graduate Programme to thank for this!”

Sandy Vella
Master in Business Administration – Traffic Development

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